Guerrilla SB Razor - Matte Finish

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Introducing the 2023 Guerrilla razor.    This is a redesign of the original version,  which was produced for a short period in 2017.

The Guerrilla razor is machined from your choice of 6061 aluminum, 316L stainless steel or C954 bronze.   There are 4 blade gap options:  .54mm, .69mm, .84mm and .99mm (most aggressive).

The stainless steel and bronze versions feature a permanently capped hollow 14mm x 90mm handle.   A matte finish is applied to each piece using an automated process.

The aluminum version has a solid handle, and has a matte brushed finish applied to each piece before being anodized in-house.    

Prices:  Aluminum ($175 CAD)  |  Stainless steel ($275 CAD)   |   Bronze ($325 CAD)

The weight of the stainless steel version is 95 grams, and 90 grams for bronze.   The aluminum version weighs 43 grams.