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To simplify the process of ordering by email, a Google form has been created.   

Stainless Steel Orders:


Sept 9 2019 Update:   Most orders submitted will be fulfilled (multiples not permitted), but this will take approximately one year.   Production planning is currently in progress, and updates will appear here in the coming days.


- The purpose of this order form is to avoid missed/buried email requests, and to improve the ordering process.   Details from the form go to a spreadsheet automatically.   

- The details submitted are to be considered as reference only.   Customers will be contacted and the details will be confirmed before the order is made.   Changes can still be made at that time.   

- Limit of one order per customer until further notice.   For those wanting a second order, please wait until you have received your first order before submitting another order.

- During the process of fulfilling these orders, the website may also occasionally be stocked with limited quantities.   


Sept 19 2019

Scheduling is still being considered.   The order form seems to be working well and email replies will start to be sent out for each order submitted.   All entries (excluding multiples) should receive a reply within the next week.   The reply will be titled "Automated Reply from Wolfman Razors".   The delay right now is due to limits by Google for number of emails that can be sent.   In a week (by Sept 26) , all entries should have a reply sent.

Updates to appear here once available.