Latest News

November 2023:

The Guerrilla razor is being moved to its own website:

Aluminum anodizing tests continue and new colour options will be added this month.


September 2023:

New options are being added to the Guerrilla razor.   Anodized aluminum (black to start with, more options later) and a new blade gap (.99mm).


May 2023:

WR4 razor head testing and development is nearly complete (May 21).   There will be an initial auction of 3-4 of these razors planned for May 27.     Then the following week it will be added to the options when ordering.


March 2023:

The Guerrilla razor will soon have blade gap options, starting around March 15. 

The WR4 razor head (single edge - AC blades) is in development and should begin testing during April and is expected to become available sometime in May. 


January 2023:

A new version of the Guerrilla razor is now beginning production.   Redesigned based on the 2017 model, this is a 316L stainless razor that is made using an automated finishing process.   Available early February 2023.


March 2022: 

Now offering aluminum anodized brush handles directly from the website.   For those ordering from the waitlist, more options and materials may be available.


October 2021:

Set to offer a new razor head (WR3) in the coming weeks. 

The pricing and menu options are being updated, and wait list signups will resume once the new menu is ready.

Alternate metal options (titanium, bronze, copper) will be added for most items.


September 2021:

Working on new designs, updating the website and planning to have occasional auctions for special items on the website.

The wait list will be closed for new entries temporarily while the menu options and pricing are updated.   It should open again before November 1 2021

In the meantime we are continuing to work on the wait list as usual.