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Guerrilla Razor - Anodized Aluminum

  • 17500


Aluminum anodizing is now being done in-house.   Starting with the goal of producing a black finish, it quickly proved useful for many colours.   A handful of these are ready to be offered now, and more will be added later.   Configured either as one solid colour, or two-tone with black trim, as shown in photos.

Current options:

Black, Army Green, Fiery Red, Royal Blue, Aqua Blue, Medium Green, Purple



At this time, only the craftsmanship is guaranteed.   Anodized aluminum razors are being produced as a novelty only.  It is not meant to be a life long product, as regular use could wear away at the surface, diminishing the appearance and possibly resulting in failure and disappointment.   For a durable razor, please consider stainless steel.   PURCHASE ANODIZED ALUMINUM AT YOUR OWN RISK.



Please allow 3-5 days after placing an order for shipping.   The goal is next-day shipping, but stocking every option isn't possible yet.   Your order will be made after it is received in most cases.   


WEIGHT:  47-48 grams

BLADE GAP:  .69mm