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Guerrilla Razor (Solid Bar)

  • 22500

Made from 316L stainless steel.   The razor head is machined from solid bar stock, and the handle consists of 3 pieces that are machined and then permanently assembled.   The main body of the handle is 316L stainless steel 16 gauge tubing, making this a light weight handle for its size.

Available in both solid bar and open comb.

Blade Gap : .69mm

Solid Bar: total weight 90 grams.  (Razor head 27g, handle 63g)

Open Comb: total weight 94 grams.  (Razor head 31g, handle 63g)

Handle size is 15.9mm diameter x 85mm  (Fits into WRA2 razor stand)

This razor is intended to be readily available, so there are no custom options at this time.  It is a complete razor, and it comes with the handle.   

The machined surfaces are given a lightly brushed finish.   Some minor sanding marks may be visible on this razor.