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Stainless Steel  Razor Build

Stainless Steel Razor Build

  • 25000

Material - 316L Stainless Steel

1. Choice of Razor Head (WR1 or WR2)

 - Choose comb style (Open Comb, Solid Bar, or Dual Comb)

- Choose Blade Gap (Dual comb has separate gap option for each side)


2. Optional Handle (WRH1, WRH2, WRH3, WRH7, or Darwin)

- Options available for handle length (except Darwin)

- Hollow or Solid (except Darwin) - Removes approximately 30g of weight

(Hollow option does not change appearance, plug is permanent and finished to blend without obvious line)   


3. Optional Stand (WRA1 or WRA2)

- WRA1 fits all handles except Darwin

- WRA2 fits all handles including Darwin


4. Choice of Finish (*NEW OPTIONS - June 2019*)

- High Quality Polished (Mirror)

- High Quality Brushed (Satin)

- Basic Polished

- Basic Brushed


June 2019

New finishing options added to "Stainless Steel Razor Build".

Pricing has been increased on higher quality finishes, while adding a more economic option.   There are now 4 finishes available for stainless steel, with the following pricing:


Polished (Mirror) - The best finish (extra time is required for this process)

Razor Head - $450.00

Handle - $300.00

WRA1 Razor Stand - $225.00

WRA2 Razor Stand - $325.00


Brushed (Satin) - The best brushed finish.   First highly polished, then lightly brushed resulting in a satin finish.

Razor Head - $400.00

Handle - $250.00

WRA1 Razor Stand - $175.00

WRA2 Razor Stand - $275.00


Polished (Basic/Textured) - After machining, an efficient sanding and polishing is done to smooth edges and shine the surfaces.   Process textures will be visible such as machining tool marks and sanding.

Brushed (Basic/Matte) - Once machined and sanded smooth, a simple brushing will produce a matte finish.  Process marks from machining and sanding will be visible on some surfaces.

Razor Head - $250.00

Handle - $150.00

WRA1 Razor Stand - $75

WRA2 Razor Stand - $175