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About Wolfman Razors

Wolfman Razors are designed and machined in a small shop by a journeyman machinist with 17 years machining experience. From raw material to finished razors, everything is done on site by one man in Alberta, Canada. 


AVAILABILITY IS LIMITED.   Production is ongoing, and will continue.   Due to demand it should be clear to help with expectations that the products offered are not readily available.   The focus is on quality, and the level of production may increase somewhat over time, but is not expected to increase significantly.    

In addition to the current products, other designs are planned and the development process will interrupt production occasionally.  



Each piece is hand finished.   Machining / tooling marks are sanded smooth, and then each piece is 'rough' polished to soften sharp edges. 

Final finishing options are either brushed, or highly polished.

The brushed finish is applied to a previously polished piece,  resulting in a satin finish.    The first step of polishing before brushing ensures smooth surfaces.

For highly polished stainless steel pieces, the result  is a nearly perfect mirror.   For the other materials, there is a very slight compromise in the final result.   

A unique dark polished finish is applied to bronze pieces.    Bright finishes are also an option with this material.


Custom Engraving

There is an opportunity to have something personal engraved on the underside of the base plate.   During the ordering process the details can be discussed. 


Custom Geometry

The razor head's level of effectiveness (blade exposure) can be customized upon request.   This customization is based on a discussion of known preferences.    (Advisable only for those already familiar with safety razors.)


Custom Handles

Fully custom designed handles are possible, but not with the current back-order situation.   The current offering is custom lengths and certain modifications of existing designs.   An example of this would be having a 100mm handle made to 95mm, or 105mm.    Each request is considered and usually can be accommodated.    






Custom material options are available.  Pricing listed below.


C360 Brass

6061 Aluminum

C954 Bronze

C954 Antique Bronze

C110 Copper

 Grade 5 (6Al-4v) Titanium (Brushed)

Grade 5 (6Al-4v) Titanium (Polished)

Grade 5 (6Al-4v) Titanium (Anodized)


Prices in Canadian Dollars


Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Bronze

Razor Head $250
Handle $175
Stand $75

Copper, Brushed Titanium

Razor Head $325
Handle $225
Stand $125

Polished Titanium, Anodized Titanium

Grade 5 (6Al-4v) Titanium - Anodized 
Razor Head $375 
Handle $275 
Stand $175


Weight Comparison (Using stainless steel as reference)

C110 Copper - 110% 
C360 Brass - 105% 
316L Stainless - 100% 
C954 Bronze - 95% 
Grade 5 Titanium - 55% 
6061 Aluminum - 33%