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Wolfman Razors are designed and machined in a small shop by a journeyman machinist with 17 years machining experience. From raw material to finished razors, everything is done on site by one man in Alberta, Canada. 



Metal Options

Wolfman Razors are primarily made from 316L Stainless Steel.   This is sourced locally in Alberta and is the best of the readily available stainless steel options.   It's a highly corrosion resistant metal and can be finished to a very high mirror polish.   This is the recommended metal at Wolfman Razors.

Other metals are available upon request, such as:  Titanium, Bronze, Brass, Copper and Aluminum.  



After machining, the pieces are sanded and polished by hand.   Most surfaces and tool marks are sanded smooth,  and then the pieces are rough polished.   Then depending on the final finish, either a light brush is applied or further polishing is done to achieve a mirror finish.

Other metals may have a different process such as darkening for bronze, or anodizing for titanium.

For polished stainless steel pieces, the result is a nearly perfect mirror.   For the other materials, there is a slight compromise in the final result of a polished finish.   


Custom Orders

Occasionally, custom orders will be taken by email.   The priority for the near term is standard (non-custom) orders, in order to improve on availability.